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Research Experience

Research Experience
Electron microscopy of kainic acid lesioning of retinal cells (Dr. K. Redman, University of Texas at Houston)
Vertebrate stereotactic stimulations and lesioning. (Study of locomotion and dyskinesias, with Robert Grossman, M.D., Galveston, Texas)
Transmission electron microscopy, light microscopy, and associated tissue processing.
(Study of neuronal degeneration and regeneration in invertebrates, with George Bittner, Ph.D., Austin, Texas)
Electrophoretic and chromatographic techniques. (Study of enzyme purification, with Robert Wagner, Ph.D., Austin, Texas)

Did You Know?

Dr. Label is the editor-in-chief of a textbook that is used in medical schools titled "Injuries and Disorders of the Head and Brain”.

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How are neurological disorders treated?

Many disorder can be treated. Treatment or symptomatic relief is different for each condition. To find treatment options, neurologists will perform and interpret tests of the brain or nervous system. Treatment can help patients with neurological disorders maintain the best possible quality of life.

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