Medical Legal Expertise

Medical Expert
(Medical-Legal Arena)

Dr. Label’s desire is to be a provider of “expert witness service.” Typically, a medical expert is an individual specifically recognized by the court as having education, experience, training and knowledge, to assist in rendering an opinion on a particular subject, in this case neurology and acupuncture. His ability is in explaining complicated methods and procedures, technical medical matters and data, as well as interpreting and rendering opinions about a certain set of facts to the court.

Dr. Label’s availability is for:

  • Medical Review and Testimony
  • Medical Malpractice Cases
  • Insurance Questions Regarding Neurological Issues

Dr. Label provides litigation support to attorneys in the field of neurology, including medical record review, independent medical examinations and expert testimony. He endeavors to be an objective scientist and a neutral party to the eventual outcome. Dr. Label’s work has been with both the plaintiff and the defense.

To inquire about Dr. Label’s services relating to legal matters, please contact us.